NHSLHA is a non-profit, professional association and state-level affiliate of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). We are dedicated to providing students, professionals and consumers with accurate information regarding the speech, language and hearing sciences.

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

member meeting

BHSM materials were generously donated to NHSLHA’s membership by:
Southern New Hampshire Health System’s Speech Language Pathology Department.
These materials are available to members via the NHSLHA Newsletter or upon request.
Thank you to SNHHS Speech Language Pathology and Rehabilitation!

member meeting

Thank you to our NHSLHA SPRING CONFERENCE 2017 attendees, speakers and vendors!

How NHSLHA Works for You

  • PAID lobbyists to alert us to and support legislative efforts in this dynamic and challenging climate
  • DISCOUNTS on Continuing Education opportunities that include interactive and educational conferences with door prizes, raffles, vendors and donations
  • FREE subscription to the NHSLHA News, our quarterly newsletter that provides FREE materials, FREE articles from SLPs around the country and action alerts that are in your professional interests
  • FREE mentorship opportunities for students, CFs, new SLPs and established SLPs looking to expand into new areas
  • Regional Representatives to offer support and networking in your area
  • Access to a community of professionals with decades of combined experience
  • Access to a wealth of information on topics related to Hearing, Language, Speech and Swallowing

NHSLHA Executive Board Member Annual Retreat:

05/21/2017, Atkinson, NH

More About NHSLHA

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